Package management


DNF is a drop-in replacement for YUM on Red Hat-based distributions. It has been introduced in Fedora 22 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

$ dnf install -y python-pip
$ dnf remove -y python-pip
$ dnf install <packagename>
$ dnf update <packagename>
$ dnf list [packagename]
$ dnf search <keyword>
$ dnf search all <keyword>
$ dnf info <packagename>
$ dnf provides <naam van file die je zoekt>
$ dnf remove <packagename>
$ dnf grouplist
$ dnf grouplist hidden
$ dnf group info "groupname"
$ dnf group install "Groupname"

dnf logging can be found in /var/log/dnf.log

$ dnf history
$ dnf history info <id>
$ dnf history undo <id>
$ dnf repolist